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Fiber Laser Metal Marking Machine

Fiber Laser Metal Marking Machine



Laser Marking is for marking or labelling of work pieces and equipment with a laser beam. In this regard, different processes are distinguished, such as engraving, removing, staining, annealing and foaming. It is perfect to create an indelible mark on items and tools. PROMPT LASER use a high power laser beam to cut or “draw” figures, shapes, text, or pictures into or onto objects. Traditionally, the laser is a CO2-style tube of high-power equipment, but some modern lasers can be diode-based, which is similar to a CD/DVD disc burning drive. Typical lasers are controlled via mirrors, varying magnetic fields, or other mechanical means. Already you can see that there are many variables to how laser marking or cutting will look and feel. The lowest power technique, laser marking, simply discolours the surface of an object. When the beam is intense enough to “slice” into the material, the technique is called laser engraving – for reliefs – or laser cutting – for complete penetration. Unity Marketer is a best renowned manufacturer of Industrial laser printers and laser marking machines which are used majorly for a detailed, sharper and permanent marking on the products. Such marking enables the customers to not only deal with counterfeits but also apply traceability for regulatory/supply chain track purpose. Laser Marking Machine Manufacturers
Industrial laser printing can be done on a multiplicity of products/substrates ranging from paper and plastic products to metallic part.


1. Permanent Marking
2. Highest marking speed in the industry: can be >2000 characters/sec*
3. Minimal Variable cost as no fluids/consumables required to run the machine
4. Crisp & consistent marking quality with the highest resolution
5. No restriction or no. of lines/font- can print anywhere within the marking window
6. High uptime, less downtime due to maintenance
7. Multiple lens combination with different laser technologies can be used to mark on a wide range of materials
8. Ability to print 100% scannable barcode/QR code on substrates
9. No wear/tear- contactless marking technology
10. BTU supports complex installations

Additional information


20 Watt

Repeat Precision

0.002 mm

Laser Module ife

100000 h

Cooling stype

Air cooling


Ac 220 v

Gross Power

Less then 500 watt

Working Temperature

0-45 degree c

Working Humidity

5-75 %


100 kg

Laser Repetition Frequency

25khz – 400khz

Laser Wave Length


Working Area

150×150 mm

Beam Quality M2

Less then 2

Marking Speed

Less then 8000 mm/s

Mini Character

0.15 mm

Mini Line Width

0.01 mm

Marking Depth

Less then 0.4 mm

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